Sunday, November 06, 2011

Gratitude Day 6

And now I am grateful for the vast collective knowledge that is the internet.

Even though it is sort of an addiction of mine that needs to be curbed (I'm looking at you, Facebook).

Even though it can be a supreme waste of time. (Seriously? A video of someone watching and commentating on a video game that someone else is playing? I love you, Clark, but I still think this is a bit ridiculous.) (Not that the websites I frequent are a better use of time.) (I really do love you, Clark, don't be mad!)

Even though the knowledge isn't always accurate.

I love the internet.

And I could push this button all day.


Sabrina said...

I just couldn't help but check out all your links and the button cracked me right up. The Internet is probably my favorite modern innovation of all time, well maybe a close second behind indoor plumbing.

And, because I don't want to bug you by commenting on all your other gratitude posts for the day, so I'll just quickly say that WWDTM is awesome, although I don't listen to it nearly enough. Brett recently got me hooked on Car Talk too and I don't even care about car mechanics. That NPR has some quality programming.

Finally, I must agree that I am ever so grateful for friends, even if they move to the other side of the country :)

Melissa said...

Cake Wrecks is so fun! I'm going to have to check out those other links later when I have more time, they look fun.