Friday, November 25, 2011

Gratitude Day 25

You thought I'd be done with this thing at Thanksgiving, didn't you? HA, you were wrong! We're going to the end of the month, baby! 5 more days, and then I'll go back to my regular once a week/month posts.

Yesterday I was grateful for food, which is quite a broad category. So today I am grateful for one of my all-time, absolute favorite foods EVER: Pie.

I hosted a Pie Party back in March, and it was. . . well, it was definitely one of the best ideas I've ever had. All that pie, in one place. Wow. Magnificent.

Maybe I should have done it again now that it's Thanksgiving time, but I opted to just make and eat pie on my own. A lot of it. I'm grateful for that little dessert.

What's your favorite kind? How about we have a poll? I haven't done a poll in ages! YEAH, a pie poll! Go vote for your favorite, you have until December 1st. I thought about letting people pick more than one, but then I'd just pick them all, and that would be no fun.

For the record, my favorite is peach.


Cheryl said...

I voted on your poll. I picked chocolate, but just because you didn't offer CHEESECAKE as an option. Miss you guys!

Megan D. said...

i'm so sad i didn't see the pie poll. i love that we both like pie too! it's fun to have kindred spirits. especially when pie is the uniting element :)