Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NICU Round 2

Remember when I made those Parent Survival Kits for the NICU? And how I mentioned that I want to do it again? Well, get ready kids, because the time has come for action!

I just looked through what I've got, and courtesy of Melissa, I've got a lot of stuff. Thanks, Melissa! I'm planning on making 7 more bags, though we could always make more if there is an interest. And I've got most of the stuff for those 7 bags, there are only a few things missing. Here's my list of things I need:
  • crossword puzzles, sudoku, something like that - 7
  • zip-up hoodies of some kind - 7
  • magazines - 7
  • hand sanitizer - 7
  • wet wipes - 7
  • hair clips - 6
  • cameras - 7
  • chocolate - 6
  • treats (for the nurses, or for the bags, though most of the bags already have a power bar and some granola bites)
I know there were quite a few of you who mentioned you'd like to help out, so please, let me know what you can do.

And I just realized that Megan was one of the ones who wanted to help and now she's having surgery next week. Cancer sucks. We're praying for you, Meg!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Smarter than a Speeding Bullet!

Prepare to be shocked: I've done something crafty.

I know, I pull out these things once in a while, and I amaze myself. Thanks to this awesome tutorial at pukingpastilles.com (and I'm sure you Harry Potter fans will agree, what a rad name!), I created a superhero cape. It was a birthday present for a 4-year-old, and I think it went over well. I know I would have LOVED to get a superhero cape for my 4th birthday. Or 24th birthday, whatever.

You wanna see? Ok:Superman! And because this is an AWESOME cape, it's reversible:

Holy cape, Batman! I love it! Julia, of course, had to demonstrate the awesomeness:
And you can make it for girls, as well, it's all in the pattern. I've been trying to think of other caped heroes all weekend, but I'm drawing a blank. Well, other than Super Grover, but I don't think that counts. Any thoughts?

Weely Quote 6/29/09

"We built the pyramids."

Math, science, history, unraveling the mystery that all started with the Big Bang. BANG! Big Bang Theory. SUCH A GREAT SHOW. It's a tragedy that they stopped posting episodes online. Good thing Suzanne lent us the first season! Oh, and while we're talking about Big Bang, Clark and I noticed Leonard wearing this shirt in one of the episodes. So I guess they are dorks. Or nerds at least.

New quote up!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Couple of Fogies

The scene: Monday night, our house. In trying to decide what to do after Julia went down for the night, I gave Clark a number of suggestions, and then awaited his response.

Shannon: "So, what do you want to do?"

Clark: "I dunno. Either play Scrabble or watch The Civil War documentary."

Hello, old age. I think we have arrived.

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

I've been a lucky lady the past couple of months. I've won 3 (3!) different giveaways, and got some really cool stuff. Two of them have been from Give Away Today, and one from We Chirp (I've got their buttons right over there on the sidebar, you should click them, they're good stuff).

Firstly, I got some digital scrapbooking software from My Memories Suite. Perhaps you know that I am NOT crafty, and definitely NOT a scrapbooker? This is mostly because I lack the necessary skills to make things cute. Oh, and the funds. BUT. This digital stuff? Way easier. And since I won the software, it's all been free! I haven't had as much time to play around with it as I'd like, but I did make this cute photo, which I put in all the NICU parent kits:

I think it turned out well.

Secondly, I won a bandabib from Bazzle Baby. I got the Shimmering Blossom Pattern, in case you were wondering. I think these things are darling, they don't look like bibs. Much more stylin'. And I think they would have been great to have around during the drool phase, or even during the spit-up phase. They look like an accessory, but they have a fantastic function. Score.

And finally, I won this awesome necklace from rhbdesigns. I thought it was a sign, the sample picture already said Julia. And that is exactly what I got. I wore it yesterday and loved it.

So there you go. You, too, can be a winner. Give Away Today has a giveaway every day, and if nothing else you get to look at beautiful things and wish you had more money.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Once again, I thought I should post something about fathers on Fathers Day, but it didn't happen. Too busy enjoying family time. But let me say that I have some great fathers in my life, including my dad, my father-in-law, grandfathers, and my dear husband Clark. He's such a great dad. Happy Fathers Day!
Do you see how cute Julia looked yesterday? That little jacket is from my mom, who got it on her mission (you know, in the 70's). I think it was from some sort of Relief Society craft sale? She'll have to correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, what this all means is it's french. High fashion. And so cute.

Weekly Quote 6/22/09

"Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope."

I just saw this on the internet somewhere and thought it was funny. It was credited to Bill Cosby. New quote up!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


The past couple of weeks have brought about a few new additions to our home. Come, look at our new stuff!

There was a sale at Lowes, and we had a coupon ($10 off a purchase of $50 or more [I know, I'm all over the coupons. A couple of days ago I got free Skintimate shave gel. Dude. Free. It doesn't get much better than that.]) So we took the chance and purchased a ceiling fan for our bedroom. After a couple of hours and a few choice words (ok, lies, Clark doesn't use choice words, he's very good at keeping it in, but boy howdy, he had to work hard to keep those guys in while working on the fan), it was installed.

Beautiful! And, and. . .
A remote. Oooooo. Now can turn off the light while in bed. And we don't have to dread summer quite so much. (As another aside, we've been quite blessed this year, as it hasn't reached 100° yet and it's already June 18. WOOHOO!)

Then, Julia's new crib came! This was much easier to put together than the fan. And we like it. The color matches her dresser a little better than her old crib. Though, I'd like to say that the slat strength feels EXACTLY THE SAME as the old one. I still don't think she could break it. But hey, now we have a brand new crib, and we could still use the old one as a headboard/footboard for a full-size bed. If we ever get a full-size bed. Which I'm not convinced we will. But still, the option is there.

Julia was a 2 crib baby for a few days, but we finally took it down yesterday.

Now for the big big BIG stuff. Guys. This is huge news.

Pay attention.

First, we got an organ from my mom. It's a beautiful antique piece that we decided to put in our entryway. I think it's gorgeous.

As we were moving it my mom pulled out this music stand thing that I don't think I've ever seen before, but it matches the organ pretty well. It's a little beat up, but I think we could fix it up, sand and refinish it or something. I actually don't know a thing about stuff like that, so any of you who are more knowledgeable in the area of furniture restoration, please advise.

And finally, we got yet another musical instrument. A PIANO! My grandmother's piano! We've been trying to work out a plan to move it down here for months now, but there have been a thousand different excuses, from too much snow and ice to not enough people to move it. But the planets finally aligned. We borrowed a trailer from our neighbors (and since we only have a Honda Civic, they let us borrow their Jeep, too, how generous is that?), my parents hired a moving crew to get it out of my grandma's house (and down her many many narrow stairs), and we had some friends help us move it into our stair-free front room Tuesday night.

Oh my. Oh MY. I love it. LOVE. IT. Yes, it is old, and yes, some of the keys stick a little and others don't stick at all with the pedal down, but it is a real piano. Not a keyboard. And I think it's pretty.
Did I mention it was a player piano? No? Well, guess what? It's a player piano! The "player" part would need some work, but still. It's all old-timey. I love it!

We've only had it in here for 2 days (almost), and already there has been much music made.

Which reminds me of my favorite Lauren quote of the weekend. Lauren is our 2.5 year old niece. She loves to play with/boss around Julia. It's cute. So she was banging on the piano, and she looks at Julia and says, "Don't worry Julia, it's just music."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly Quote 6/15/09

"Mareichtag and I are speaking nothing but English now."
"So we should feel at home when we get to America."
"Sweetnessheart, what watch?"
"Ten watch."
"Such much?"

This is from Casablanca. It's pretty random, really, just a random little scene that I thought was funny. New quote up!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This is the only picture I took at my Grandpa's funeral, but I thought it was a neat one. It was so moving to see all those flags lining the steps to the church. The funeral itself was unforgettable. It was neat to be back in the old Yale Ward, I hadn't been there in years. There are so many memories in that building. I learned so many things I hadn't known about my grandpa. He was an amazing father, grandfather, husband, and friend. And he loved God. I got teary-eyed quite a few times, but not because I was so sad to see him go, more that I was proud of the heritage he left me. I'm so grateful for his service in the war, for his service in the church, and for the love he showed his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I know he is much happier where he is now, but he is deeply missed.

Weekly Quote 6/8/09

"I will leave under the cover
Of summers kiss upon the sky
Like the stone face of your lover
Just before she says goodbye.

I was thinkin' that the season could be held between my arms
But just as summers hold is fleeting
I was here but now I'm gone.

I'm gone."

This is from So Long So Long by Dashboard Confessional. This is the reason I love that band so much - poetic genius. Amazing lyrics. And yes, that is Adam Duritz from Counting Crows singing with them on this song. Delightful. New quote up!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Return of the Dancing Queen

Julia is an amazing dancer. AMAZING. No matter the speed, she does the slow rock back and forth. With her elbows out of course.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

What's Wrong, Little Pookie?

One of Julia's favorite books is What's Wrong, Little Pookie? by Sandra Boynton. It's a fun little book, with parts for Mom to say and parts of Julia to say. The other day, Julia finally started saying some of her parts. Really, just "no." But the amazing part is she knows when she is supposed to say, "Nope," instead of, "No." Seriously, watch the thing, at about 0:35 she says something other than no. After the, "Are you tired?" She basically stops saying anything after that because she can't say, "That's silly." Anyway, I thought it was neat. Hope you do, too.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Julia's crib is being recalled.

Recall = major pain the butt.

We bought the crib from Babies R Us (and when I say "we," I really mean "Clark's parents"). We don't have a Babies R Us close to us, so we checked out the cribs in person while in SLC, and then ordered one online. We had to pay the monstrous shipping fee, but then we had a brand new crib sent right to our door. And we love it! It's cute, it's functional, it's a marvelous crib.

And then we got the email. The dreaded email. Basically the slats aren't as sturdy as they should be, so they could break and cause an entrapment or strangulation hazard. You'll note we were told to stop using the crib IMMEDIATELY and contact Jardine to get a new crib.

Well, if we were to have stopped using the crib IMMEDIATELY, Julia would be sleeping on the floor. I don't like that option. Here's their system for getting us a new crib: they send us a packet containing the necessary tools to disassemble the crib. We send them the stickers, bolts and some other hardware. Then after a few weeks, they send us a voucher, good for the highest price ever paid for our crib. So we can take the voucher to the store and buy a crib.

Hello? That means we take apart a crib and my daughter either sleeps on the floor or in a borrowed pack and play for like 3 weeks? Not to mention that we don't have a method of getting the crib from the store to our house. I don't think so. I called them up. Our other option is to order it online, and then take the voucher to the store, along with our receipt and packing slip, and they will reimburse us at that time. But they don't pay for shipping. So basically we have to order a crib with free shipping.

Luckily, we found one we like. Unluckily, it's been out of stock for weeks. Luckily, it is back in stock! But tell me, is it worth all this hassle, or should we just keep the old crib and take our chances? Notice the poll in the sidebar. Tell me what you think. And please, feel free to comment and leave a more detailed answer.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekly Quote 6/1/09

"He has a wrinkly, twinkly smile,
He's jolly all the day.
It's always fun for everyone when Grandpa comes!"

Classic primary song, in honor of my darling Grandpa, who will be sorely missed. New quote up!