Saturday, December 24, 2016

Light the World Day 24: Jesus Cared for His Loved Ones and So Can You

You can find more information here.

Tonight at our Christmas Eve feast we went around the table and spent a few minutes discussing the things we love about each other.  The gratitude I feel for this little family of mine is immense.  To think there was a time in life when I wasn't sure we would have any kids, let alone two!  These two girls bring me so much joy.  Their personalities are so different, and they each add so much to our family dynamic.  Plus, I hit the jackpot in the marriage department.  Clark is my match in every way.  We were MFEO.  (Made for each other.  It's like a little clue.)  As I looked around the table at these wonderful people, I was overcome with love and happiness.  This really is what life is all about. 

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