Friday, December 02, 2016

Light the World Day 2: Jesus Honored His Parents and So Can You

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It took me until the end of the day, but I did call my parents today.  I let the girls talk to them too, something we haven't done for a while.  I have to say, I have the best parents ever.  They have always been, and will always be, incredibly supportive of me.  I'll never forget the day I was having a meltdown over what to do with my life (because I was a sophomore and hadn't picked a major yet [ah, youth]), and my wonderful parents came right on down to BYU, took me out to lunch, and talked it out with me.  They told me things they thought I was good at, and asked questions about what I enjoyed doing.  They helped me talk through all the options I was looking at and make a decision.  And I felt so loved that they would take the time to come do that.  But they do stuff like this all the time.  If I ever have a major life change, I know I can talk to them and get the best set of listening ears, along with some great advice, yet without them telling me what to do.  They are wonderful.  Plus, they are just about the most kind people you will ever meet.  And brilliant.  I'm pretty sure my mom knows everything.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.

I also took some time during the day to start reading letters my grandparents wrote to each other during WWII.  It is delightful to read their voices as young people.  They are still themselves (a personality like my grandmother's doesn't just pop up one day), but they are younger, less experienced, and even, dare I say, goofier.  Here's a joke my grandpa wrote: "Did you know they have a new use for holes in doughnuts. They use them to stuff macaroni with."  WHAT IS THAT JOKE.  I'll tell you what it is, it's something a 19-year-old boy would say.  My grandpa wasn't always a quiet old man, he used to be a goofy 19-year-old boy!  Quite the revelation.

I've always loved watching a love story unfold, and to read about theirs gives me even more warm fuzzies.  I've also always loved reading about WWII, and to read about them living through that time is fascinating.  It makes me feel so grateful that these letters survived, that my wonderful mom (referenced above) has taken the time to type them up, and that I have the time to read them.  I love and honor my parents and my grandparents.

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