Friday, December 23, 2016

Light the World Day 23: Jesus Was a Peacemaker and You Can Be One Too

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I turned on some Jim Brickman this afternoon to add some calm to our crazy house.  It happened to be while the girls were playing one of their intense pretend games in the living room.  I was all geared up to be an amazing referee (as opposed to the usual crazy yelling referee) for the inevitable fight my girls were going to have.  An entire week off school already?  They were destined to have a fight.  And I was prepared to stay calm, work toward resolution, and be a peacemaker. 

Then they never fought. I expected it all day, and they didn't fight ONE SINGLE TIME.

Maybe it was the Jim Brickman.  Maybe they could sense my calm and let it rub off of them.  Either way, we had a day of no fighting, and it was glorious.  And you'd better believe we are listening to Jim again today.

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