Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Light the World Day 13: Jesus Showed Humility and So Can You

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Due to Julia's illness on Monday, we opted to have Family Home Evening tonight instead.  I had the lesson, and it was the perfect opportunity to talk about humility, define what it is, and share my own experiences in relying on God.  I told my family how much I depend on my Heavenly Father during times of turmoil and change, for example, when we moved from Utah to Michigan.  That was a big, scary leap into the unknown, and the first few months were difficult emotionally.  We moved in October, which meant we immediately had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home, in a place where we knew no one before coming.  More than one night, I was questioning what we were even doing there.  But then I would remember (or be reminded, more likely) that God has a plan for my life, He had placed us there, and everything would work out.  He was right.  It did work out.  And I am so grateful for the time we spent in Michigan, it changed me for the better.  Among other things, it taught me to be humble and accept God's will for our family.

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