Monday, December 12, 2016

Light the Wolrd Day 12: Jesus Taught Others and So Can You

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This morning started with a whimper.  Julia woke up, hobbled down the stairs whimpering, and announced that her head hurt, her throat hurt, and her stomach hurt.  A quick touch to her skin revealed a raging fever.  Then the throwing up began.  It was a rough day, poor girl.

When Ella got home from school, Julia was napping, so she didn't have her usual playmate.  This meant she followed me around for most of the evening, looking for something to do.  If you haven't spent much time with our family lately, you might not know this: Ella is a talker.  She talks and talks and talks.  She afraid to be alone, and won't go upstairs (or downstairs) without someone else. She's a mover and a shaker and likes to be busy, but needs people around her at all times.  So this meant she followed me into the kitchen, and asked to help with the dishes.  I was thrilled that she was interested in helping, so I took some time to teach her how to rinse the soap off and the best way to stack the clean dishes.  It would have been faster to do it myself, but I saw the moment as a teaching opportunity and jumped.

Later that night, Julia was awake and the whimpering had resumed.  After a bit of prodding, she finally agreed to have a blessing.  We talked with the girls about the priesthood, what it is and what it can do.  Again, I saw a teaching moment, this time with a more spiritual topic, and jumped. 

Teaching moments come often, but I'm not sure I always recognize them for what they are.  And I'm certain there are times when I let them pass by in favor of rushing through and getting things done.  Today reminded me to slow down and let the teaching happen.

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Laura said...

So sorry to hear Julia has been sick! No fun. At least it's before Christmas, right?

And I still laugh out loud thinking about Ben sobbing because Ella wouldn't let him have a turn to talk! Yes, that girl is a talker.

I meant to tell you about a few other things she told us that night she was here ... apparently Clark is a super cool dad because he teaches Ella about chemistry, science, the elements, "and cool stuff like that!" and that she doesn't have to do chores because "Mom just does all that stuff at our house." LOL! Such a funny and entertaining girl.