Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's This? A POLL?!

We've had the same shower curtain since our wedding:

It's clear, got some pretty seashells on it, fun. It's served us well. However, we've gone through quite a few shower curtain liners. The approach for the first 3 years was to buy the cheapest liner available ($2-3 at Target), and replace it every 3 months or so, whenever it got the mold on it. Then, about a year ago, I discovered the anti-fungal liner. It was a little more expensive ($9 at Target), but it promised to stay free of mold! And it worked for quite a while. But now it's starting to look pretty bad. I could clean it, I suppose, but that would require some sort of working space, which I just don't have.

Also notice that we have 11 shower curtain hooks. The curtain has 12 holes. We got a package of 12 when we got married, but one broke pretty early on.

And so, I now must ask the Poll Question:

What kind of shower curtain should we get?

Should we stick with the seashells and get a new liner? If so, which kind? Should we go for a whole new curtain? If so, should we stick with vinyl? Should we go the fabric route? (Can you just wash a fabric shower curtain when the need arises?) Go vote.


Cheryl said...

You can stick the liner in the washer with a bit of laundry soap and even more of vinegar.

Don't put other clothes or towels in with it.

Oh, and when it's done spinning and you go to take it out, be careful! It's still going to have water all wrapped up in it.

We've done this with our 'anti-' liner and it's still going strong after a year and a half!

Cheryl said...

PS: If you just have a clear shower liner and no curtain, it really opens up the bathroom. We tried this for a while. It was fine also! Ya know, if you get sick of your curtain.

troublemaker said...

If you wipe down the tile and shower curtain with an old towel after using it, it doesn't get icky. You don't have to get it completely dry, just remove most of the water. Also, be sure it doesn't stay bunched up while it's wet, so it can air dry. The curtain in the shower I use is at least 13 years old.

~*Kim*~ said...

I don't have any really great words of wisdom on this one, as our shower curtains all go disgusting after 3 months, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE the seashells shower curtain! I coveted it when I went and stayed with you guys! ;-)