Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Weekend Report

Guess what? We actually did stuff over the weekend! It's amazing, I know. I'd say that having a baby has made it harder to get out and do stuff, but the fact of the matter is we didn't do much pre-baby anyway. You might say we're low key. You also might say we're boring. But the point is, we were not boring this weekend!

Saturday morning we went hiking in Kolob Canyon. It was so great to be out in nature, and especially in Kolob, where it's cooler than St George. We went hiking along Taylor Creek up to the Double Arch Alcove. The trail was the perfect length (5.4 miles round trip), and really didn't have much elevation change. And it was much less crowded than Zion, which was nice. Especially when I had to stop and feed Julia.

The alcove was really quite beautiful - all the red rock with lush green plants growing out of it. And it was significantly cooler there, which made it the perfect spot to stop and have lunch.

Saturday night we had a little mingle with Clark's co-workers. It was fun to meet some of the newer employees, and to show off Julia. And we got to see little Haley who is 6 weeks younger than Julia. It's amazing how big of a difference 6 weeks makes at this age - Julia looked enormous next to sweet little Haley!

Sunday was even crazier than usual because we spoke in church. I kind of felt like we were running the whole show, what with me playing the organ, both of us speaking, and Clark playing the piano for the musical number. I guess it went well. I'm the type of person who has to write down exactly what I'm going to say or else nothing intelligent comes out. We're talking every word. "Good morning. My name is Shannon Blockburger." You would think I could remember my name, but strange things happen when I get nervous. So if anyone missed it and wants to know what I said, I can email it to you and you'll get it exactly word for word.

So there is our weekend. Oh, and Julia had 2 baths (one on Friday because it was time, and one on Saturday because of all the sweaty, dirty hiking), and I actually remembered to pull the camera out. I think she's so adorable in her hooded towels (thanks Grandpa Blockburger!), and I've been meaning to take a picture for a while now. Love it.


Cheryl said...

i love babies in hooded towels! oh, and i'm EXACTLY the same way with speaking in church. totally.

Alex said...

Looks like you guys had a blast, very nice pictures! Love the hooded towel! Oh and incidentally, how often DO you bathe babies? I guess I should know that... doesn't everyone? Not I apparently... sheesh, maybe thats why we can't have kids. I'd probably over/underbathe the poor things. :/

Shanny said...

Alex, do not worry, I had absolutely no idea how often to bathe my baby, I had to ask the doctor before we went home from the hospital! Especially because I hear people talk about how a bath is part of the bedtime ritual, but I remember bathing once a week when I was like 7, and surely a baby doesn't get as dirty as a 7 year old. ANYWAY, I bathe her like 2x/week, more if she has some major blowout.

Melissa said...

Amy just saw the picture of the alcove and said (very emphatically) that she wants to go there. She also likes the dancing baby and can't wait for a live show in a few weeks!

I'm thinking 2x a week is a good bath schedule. Maybe slightly less if your baby is prone to dry skin and more if she's particularly pukey or explosive. I just remember getting a wash cloth and washing under all the chin folds a lot.