Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Return of the Weekly Video (and some photos too!)

What with all the vacations, I haven't posted a weekly video every week. I've been taking them, I just haven't been posting them. Partly because they take so long to load up. Anyway, here is one from yesterday. Don't pay any attention to the lack of sheets on the bed (they were in the wash). And I called her Big Red, but I'm not exactly sure why. It just popped out. Maybe it's all my hopes of a red-headed child being subconsciously vocalized. Maybe it's because that was the color of her face most of the day yesterday (I think she's going through some separation anxiety. And she started fighting naptime. Boo to that.) I don't know. But I haven't called her that since then, so I don't think it'll be sticking. Anyway, enjoy the video!

And here are a couple of non-moving pictures. The first is Julia in the cute dress Aunt Melissa gave her (don't worry, it's a big fit, so she'll be wearing it for quite a while). I like the constantly moving feet.
Then I decided to snap a photo demonstrating her neck strength. The problem is, the first picture never turns out, but the flash has dazed the child, and so every photo after that she either has a confused look on her face, or she's downright upset. But maybe that makes her more endearing, I don't know.


Cheryl said...

I do not like uploading to Blogger video, it takes FOREVER! That's why I use Onetruemedia.com. I tried YouTube too, but it darkened the picture.

Lisa said...

She looks so much like the Baby Shannon in this video! Maybe there's more hope for red hair than you thought.
Love, Grammie

Nadine said...

i love her. she has the most perfectly round head. cutest baby girl ever.

~*Kim*~ said...

Let's all say it together. 1---2---3--- AAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! (to be said in a high-pitched voice as if you were imitating a soprano singing cat).

lesti said...

So fun shannon! She's turning into a big girl already! What a talented fun baby... And oh so cute.