Thursday, May 28, 2009


As if I didn't have enough reason to look forward to fall.

I read in the paper about this new show on Fox called Glee. It's about a high school glee club. Yeah, glee club. It sounds like a pretty dumb show, if you ask me. But this review was really good. And the pilot would be available online for a few weeks. That was the kicker, I'm always looking for things to watch online, since we don't get TV.

Watch we did. I started it while during naptime one day, and then I had to stop because I thought Clark would want to watch it with me. He came home, and expressed little desire to see it, so I continued watching alone. Except he was in the same room, so he listened in. And after a few minutes, he was sucked in, watching right alongside me.

Guys. This is quality programming. I can't even put my finger on what I like about it so much, it's just good. It's got some clever lines, it's funny. Maybe it's just that it's not dumb. And it's got music, so I can't complain about that. The one problem? They decided to run the pilot, and then not show any more episodes until the fall.

Oh, sweet September, you can't come too soon.

But for now, you should go watch it. It's on hulu. And because I really liked it, here's a song:

Excellent stuff. Here's another video. Let me just say that I am 100% confident that there is no way this could have been pulled off at my high school. No. Way. You just couldn't find that many people with that level of enthusiasm.


Sabrina said...

Are you trying to say you don't think Small Groups could have pulled this off ;) I admit, I am intrigued enough I may just watch the pilot although I always hate getting sucked into any show.

alisquire said...

I think Tyler's school (Layton) could have pulled it off. That type of thing is normal for their choirs.

Emily said...

We watched it too and were totally disappointed to find out we'd be waiting til the Fall for another dose. Can't wait!
P.S. It was good to see you guys yesterday, Julia is beautiful and growing up so quickly!

Karen said...

So after you recommended it, I watched the pilot. I liked it alot! I never watch anything online that is good, send my way!