Thursday, May 07, 2009

For the Beauty of the Earth

I have never really gardened. Sure, we had some potted plants when we lived in Wymount, but that hardly counts. So I've been excited, and incredibly nervous, about our garden plot this spring. There were a few weeks there when things weren't looking so good (2 plants flat out died, but they were cucumbers, so I wasn't heartbroken), and I was worried the cold spells we kept having would kill everything off. But no! Our little garden is pulling through! Look, here's our tomato plant:

We've got flowers! That means we're thriving! Here's a look at the rest of our plants:

That zucchini is getting huge. And I am OK with that. We can have zucchini every day in the summer, I won't complain. We've also got some bell peppers (red and green), yellow squash, and a whole bunch of tomatoes. Once again, I wouldn't complain if we had bushels of tomatoes this summer. Speaking of summer, let me just remind you: "Summer" is here. I like "summer." 80-90° weather, lots of sunshine. "Inferno" starts in about a month, maybe 2. I hate "inferno."

On the side of our house I planted some cosmos (the seeds came free in the mail, so I figured I had nothing to loose). Here are the sprouts:

And in the front, our rosebush bloomed overnight, I swear:

And then we have the peach tree. There are peaches - real, growing peaches!

In fact, we're going to have to do some thinning pretty soon here, don't you think?

I can't tell you how excited I am about the prospect of having home-grown peaches, and fresh vegetables. And I'm thrilled that we haven't killed everything yet.


Sabrina said...

Very awesome. I can't wait to have a garden too. You are lucky the inferno hasn't started yet there. We're supposed to be up to 100 today :) I can't believe it's the beginning of May. I hate turning on the A/C, but it's really hard to avoid at this point.

Cheryl said...

Yay for the garden. Our zucchini plant BLOSSOMED over night a few days ago.