Monday, May 18, 2009

The Amazing Talking Julia

Our daughter is a genius.

But you already knew that.

Julia has learning all sorts of new words lately. She not only knows a bunch of animal sounds (cow, sheep, duck, chick, dog, fish, horse), but she most definitely says, "No," "Daddy," "Doggie," "Isaac," (that's the name of the kid I babysit) "So cute," "Please," "This (or maybe it's yes, I'm not sure, all I know is she points to something, says it, and wants it)," "Blockburger," "Maybe," and sometimes, "Mama." (I love that I am an afterthought. Don't mind me, I'm just the one who feeds you and changes your diaper day after day, not to mention that whole pregnancy bit, and then the year of nursing. Whatever.)

Anyway. I'm sure you read that list and said, "Um, Blockburger? The kid says Blockburger? There's no way." Well here is the proof, ladies and gentlemen. Watch the video and know, our kid is a genius:

Amazing, no? She's also gotten very good at saying, "No," and waving her arms in front of her face. Especially when we want her to put on a show by displaying her verbal abilities. She knows we want her to do it, and there is no way she will be daddy's little monkey.

And because it's so dang cute, here we caught her saying, "Maybe."


Cheryl said...

So cute and such a talker! My kid is twice her age (ish) and says a quarter of the words!

PS: LOVE when she says Blockburger!

Celeste said...

Way to go Julia! I love the way she says Blockburger, it's even clearer than a few days ago. I have to agree Julia is a genius. But I'm sure it has more than a little to do with the "after thought" that gave her life!