Monday, May 04, 2009

Animal Noises

Julia got an animal puzzle from the Shaefers for her birthday, so we've been learning all the animal noises. So far she's got dog, cow, duck, and sheep (though the sheep is hit and miss, and sometimes he doesn't say, "Baa," he says, "Hi."), and I guess she's said "tweet" once or twice. Here's a video:

I'm amazed and how fast she can pick up on things. The other day Clark and I were getting ready for the day and Julia was playing with a blanket with "ducks" on it (they are really chicks, but let's not break the girl's heart). All of the sudden, she says, "Sooo, cute!" And we looked at each other like, "Did she really just say that, or was it just a noise?" But she kept saying it, and telling us it was so cute, so I think she meant it. It was. . . well, it was "So cute!"

1 comment:

Lauren said...

of course you guys have a smart kid
but you should also teach her that giraffes saw 'rawr'
get on that, mmkay?