Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekly Quote 3/9/09

"I could be wrong now,
But I don't think so!"

This is from the song in the opening credits of Monk (after the first season). We've been watching Monk like crazy over here, thanks to Kim and Patrick. They let us borrow 4 or 5 seasons of it, and since we don't have TV, that's what we do when Julia goes down for the night, watch Monk. And now we are both having dreams about unusual murders.

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Cheryl said...

When we first got married, Saturday mornings were a little stressful. Matt LOVED to watch Monk. I HATED watching Monk. So wonderful Matt put off watching for when I wasn't home, or just never watched it.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving/Christmas time when they had a Monk marathon. Matt somehow convinced me to watch it and I've loved it ever since!

I'm just too much like him, I think. I'm very Monk-ish in many ways!

PS: "Is that my Sharon?"

Life out Here said...

Can we have more pictures of Julia, please?

Megan D. said...

I'm not saying a word. Not one single word.
Get me out of this stinkin' fresh air!