Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Quote 3/23/08

"Ireland I am coming home
I can see your rolling fields of green
And fences made of stone
I am reaching out won't you take my hand
I'm coming home Ireland."

Sabrina put this on a CD for me many years ago, and I've always just liked it. I didn't even know it was Garth Brooks for the longest time. It doesn't sound incredibly country to me. Anyway, I thought it was appropriate for St Patty's Day last week. New quote up!


Celeste said...

I really like that song too.

Sabrina said...

I put that on a cd for you? Wow, I can't remember, but I used to make a lot of cds, didn't I? I am glad you like that song. It's a good one. I have no idea what your new quote is from though.