Monday, March 30, 2009


Have you met Clark's cousin Katie? She's a crafter. A cute crafter. A talented, cute crafter. And she just started up a new hair bow business. You'd better believe there is cuteness going on over there. So click on the link, check it out. I know we're planning on getting some bows (um, did I say "we"? I'm guessing that Clark doesn't actually know about that, so I should say I, I am planning on getting some bows) for Julia. I just want to get an Easter dress first, so they can match. (Um, Clark might not know that I'm fully planning on getting an Easter dress either. Maybe I shouldn't be announcing my plans to spend all our money on the interweb before I tell Clark?)

The point IS, you should check out the hair bows. They're cute.

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alisquire said...

Julia DEFINITELY needs a new Easter dress!