Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mostly Pictures

First and foremost, I failed to mention that Brian and Emilie were so generous as to let us stay at their house when we went to Provo last weekend for the race. We had a fantastic time with them, and I know Julia was in toy/balloon heaven.

She also enjoyed playing with her new friends, McKenna and Hadley. Here's a cute picture:

Thanks for letting us stay, and feeding us yummy cupcakes.

And the rest of this post is pictures. I've been a little camera happy lately. I blame the Deseret News, instilling hope that I can actually take a good picture of my child. Also, Julia got some new shoes, and it was so warm yesterday that she wore her darling sundress from Grandma Blockburger. And we turned on the sprinklers for the first time yesterday, so we were out exploring that. It would appear that Julia is somewhat allergic to grass, as evidenced by the red bumps all over her face after she faceplanted into the grass. Whoops. Anyway, here are the photos:


Lisa said...

Allergic to grass? No surprise here. Stewart and Whitney are also allergic to it. In this respect, at least, Julia is definitely part Anderson! Cute pictures, as always!

Clark said...

I also have some mild grass allergies, and I'm sure my sisters react to it as well.

Life out Here said...

Ah! You were up here and didn't share Julia with us!!!