Friday, March 13, 2009

Things that Rock

I've got a few random things on my mind, so here we go:

My List of Things that Rock

1) The St George library. I had turned in a DVD back in January, and somehow it didn't make it through the check-in system. It was deemed lost. They looked for it for 6 weeks, as per protocol, and then fined me for it. This is not cool. Especially since they charge you $19.99 for the DVD, and then a $5.00 processing fee. For a DVD that I did not lose. They lost it. It's tough, because I realize that I can't prove I turned it in, and they simply don't have it there, so it makes sense to charge me a fine. BUT. I mentioned to the librarian that I was perturbed about paying this fine (only because Clark was there with me as my moral support, I normally avoid confrontation at all costs), and she directed my question to the woman in charge of Lost Items. And Ms. Lost Items came, took a look at my account, and decided to waive my fee. Fee waived! Woo hoo! She said that it had 136 check-outs, so they got good use out of the item, and then she waived it. I thought I'd for sure have to pay up.

2) My husband. We went to the grocery store together last night (which never happens, and taking Clark to a grocery store is a whole different post). When we got home and started putting stuff away, I mentioned to Clark that we needed to write dates on the food storage items. So he pulls out the pen, and says, "Go to the movies. Go to the donut shop. I think up GREAT dates!" So now we have "Making out on the Y" bread.

Where does he come up with this stuff? Hilarious!

3) Religious diversity. c jane posted about the Mormon in a panel of religious students at Harvard earlier in the week. First of all, Rachel Esplin does an amazing job of explaining our faith. She's well-spoken, and very bright. I enjoyed watching the video of her. And then I watched the videos of the rest of the panel, and really enjoyed those as well. With each religion spotlighted, I found myself agreeing with something. For example, the Buddist girl talked about how we have to live in the present, not the past or the future, because the present is the only thing that we have. While I don't agree with all of that (I believe in an afterlife, for one thing), I do think it's important to enjoy the moments of our lives, and not constantly wait for the future. So many times we make plans, and they are good plans, but they don't work out, and we have to remember that we aren't really in charge, God is, and sometimes we just have to sit back and enjoy the ride as best we can. It'll all turn out how it needs to. Our job is to accept what comes our way, and find what joy we can. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I love religious diversity, because it gives us all a chance to expand, grow, and learn from each other.

4) Blossoms. Oh, Spring, we have a complex relationship, you and I. You are the harbinger of Summer, that vile heatwave that means sunburn, sweat, higher electric bills, and general discomfort. But you are so beautiful, with your blossoms and buds, your moderate temperatures, and the promise of new life. I can't help but love you. Especially your blossoms.

You see that? That's our peach tree right now.

(As an aside, something that doesn't rock? The bees that come with the blossoms. Sure, I suppose they are a good thing, helping to pollinate, yadda yadda yadda, but they scare the heck out of me. And did you hear that they found killer bees in Utah? In St George?! Yeah, you thought I was scared before, I'm all kinds of freaked out now.)

5) My daughter. Did you think I could come up with a list of things that rock and not include her? She's been walking a lot more lately, and her funny little personality is really starting to shine through. Here's a video to prove it:


Clark said...

I admit nothing about any past trips to the Y.

Sabrina said...

I loved that religious panel from Harvard. I watched it a couple of months ago and I enjoyed all the panelists. Rachel did an excellent job explaining our faith. I also love your blossoms. Beautiful!

alisquire said...

I'm terrified of bees too!

Brandon Danielle and Laneah said...

That was great...I love having a few things come up at a time that you just can't help but love. :)

Judy said...

You're a great storyteller!