Friday, March 06, 2009

A Warning

Clark posted a picture of our yogurt shelf. Well, Clark took the last yogurt to work today, so it was time to get some more. Luckily, they were on sale at Smith's this week! And I had coupons! I was going to stock up once again!

Unluckily, the Smith's ad said they had yogurt on sale, but they actually didn't. No, that's not entirely true. Out of the 5 kinds of yogurt listed in the ad, they only actually carry 1 of them. And it's the one that I didn't have a coupon for, because I used it up last month.

Luckily, one of the other kinds of yogurt was also on sale at Harmon's for the same price, and I had already purchased it when at said store, just in case Smith's was out.

Unluckily, I basically went to Smith's only to buy yogurt. And milk. At least I got the milk. But still. Lame. Who puts stuff in their ad and then doesn't carry it?


Cheryl said...

I know, lame. Walgreens does the same thing. I'm not really planning to use my $5 huggies coupons there next week because they will probably run out in the first 2 hours of the sale! Still a $5 pack of huggies is less than a $6 pack of store brand. We need yogurt too, and we were going to get it at Smiths. Luckily for me, now, I don't have to go there for yogurt! Thanks!!

Alex said...

That is super lame! I admire your patience and persistence though, way to go you coupon diva!