Monday, March 09, 2009

I thought you'd never ask!

I often worry that I'm posting too many pictures of Julia, because, well, let's be honest, as her mother, I never tire of the subject. I think my child is the most beautiful and brilliant baby ever to grace the earth, and I would (and do) talk about her all day long. But I recognize that not everyone is as in to her as I am. And So I have backed off from the pictures a little bit. That and I'm not the world's greatest photographer, so it's not like I have fantastic pictures to post anyway. But since Gina asked (as did my sister Kim via the phone), here we go!

I set Julia down on the bed (which is stripped of sheets [Monday = laundry day]), and took off her pants because I suspected a poopy diaper. There was no poop, but then she started running away before I could put her pants on, and it became quite a fun little game. So I pulled out the camera and got some fun shots.

And a video. In which I sound like a crazy woman. Seriously. Crazy. I promise, I don't need to be committed. We were just having fun.

And then Julia insisted I pull her favorite picture off the shelf so she could have a good look.

She loves it so much, and is always pointing to it.

It's Grandma Diane and the wee little Clarky. Julia can point to Grandma, and blows her a kiss, and then she points to "Baby Daddy," as I call him. It's really quite fun to say, Baby Daddy, Baby Daddy.


Celeste said...

I don't think you can ever go wrong with pictures on a blog! And even better than that pictures of a cute little girl like Julia! She is such a happy and fun little girl!(I find myself thinking that there's nothing to post about unless i have a picture to go with it!)

I almost caught a video of Craig looking for her today, but then the camera died! Grrr. Thanks for the fun update. Keep em coming.

Life out Here said...

Thank you!!! I loved watching that video, it made me laugh you crazy woman!! Ha ha, good times!! She is so beautiful. Thanks again for responding to your readers' comments!