Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We've had little Mr. Lowe visiting with us since last night, as his mother is in the hospital, trying to stop pre-term labor (she's only 31 weeks, your prayers would be appreciated). Funny story: At bedtime, neither Mr. Lowe nor Miss Blockburger were excited about going to sleep. Clark was in charge of Z, I was in charge of Julia (you know, since I'm her bedtime snack [tmi?]). When I left Julia's room, they were both wailing away. It was kind of sad, but also kind of funny. I decided that I had to record this, so I ran to grab my camera so I could shoot a video. By the time I got back to the closed doors, Julia was quiet. And only a few minutes later, Z was quiet. Success!

All was well, until Julia decided to get up at 2:30 AM. And basically this was the routine: she cries, I worry she's going to wake up Z, I go in and soothe her, I go back to bed, I'm almost asleep, she cries, I worry she's going to wake up Z, I go in and soothe her, I go back to bed, and so on. She was waking up every 15 minutes or so from 2:30 to 4:15, at which point I gave up and fed her. Which kept her asleep until 6, and then we did it all over again. Oh, I was so mad at her. Luckily, Z wasn't bothered by her. But I was. I was SO bothered by her. And, needless to say, I'm really tired today.

While we're talking about it, how does anyone ever have 2 kids? I'm seriously dead after watching those two this morning. (to the Lowes: your son is really being quite good. it's my daughter I'm ready to murder.) Granted, our children won't be 10 months apart, but still. I'm thinking Julia will have to be at least 5 before we have another one.


Sabrina said...

There are so many things about your post that I understand. When Adie had her bout of bad sleeping from about 9 months to 13 months, I think I made it far worse because I was always worried about her crying waking up the toddlers living directly above and next to her bedroom. Ahh, apartment living. I finally just had to let her cry it out and not worry about waking anyone else, but it was so hard.

Regarding having 2 kids, I am scared to death of the proposition. What we were thinking? Our bishop in Wymount had 3 kids, each 4 years apart. Sometimes, I think this was quite wise, but I guess you have to do what feels right to you. I hope you get better rest tonight. I sure know that overly tired feeling. It's hard to not want to murder your child(ren) or yourself when you feel like that.

Clark said...

I think you should be referring to him as "Master" Lowe, not "Mister" Lowe. That would be his dad!

Shanny said...

Ooo, good point, Clark.

Celeste said...

Not having 2 children myself I can't answer the question of "how do people do it?" but I can say that I've wondered the same thing myself. Not only that but how on earth am I going to do it? (no that doesn't mean that we're expecting!)

sorry about the sleeplessness! If you want to bring them over and let them play with Craig you're more than welcome to! Just call because sometimes he's not here!