Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is it, don't get scared now.

Well, here we are, Tuesday afternoon. Tomorrow is the big day. Induction Day. I went to the doctor for my last appointment today. The NST looked good, as usual. And we still haven't made any progress as far as labor goes. So tomorrow it is.

I actually have been having some shortness of breath the last few days, meaning since Friday afternoon. When does this happen? When I'm walking, or going up stairs? No. When I'm sitting there, doing nothing. Seriously. It's worse when I'm sitting on the couch and leaning back (as opposed to a chair). I'm just sitting there, minding my own business, and all of the sudden it's hard to breathe. Really hard to get a deep breath. And it feels like there is some sort of pressure change in my chest, kind of like when you remember that you have an essay due in English class today and you totally spaced it. So I mentioned it to the doc and he sent me to get a chest X-ray. I've had many a chest X-ray in my life, but certainly none as a pregnant lady. I got good and leaded up, one pink lead apron over my belly and one over my back. As if I didn't have enough weight in that particular area. But I really wasn't annoyed or anything, I found it freaking hilarious. I only wish I could have snapped a photo, because I'm sure it was a sight. And then they were trying to move it around so they could get a good shot of my lungs, but still cover the baby. Tricky business when the baby is practically in your lungs. In any event, they took the X-ray, and I really have no idea what the results were. The nurse from my OB's office just called to let me know what the plan for tomorrow is (wait for labor and delivery to call, and if they haven't called by 9am, call them), and she mentioned that the doctor would explain the results to me tomorrow. I'm guessing that means that there is nothing terribly urgent, but it also probably means it's not 100% normal. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. I'll let you know.

Melissa asked if we were inducing or going straight to C-section, and you probably figured out that the answer to that is we're inducing. (If not, go back and read the first paragraph). The board (I think that's what I should have been calling all my doctors all along, the board) has decided that a vaginal delivery would most likely be less stressful on my body than a C-section. I know, nothing unusual there. So we're trying to avoid a C-section as much as possible. Again, nothing unusual. I guess we'll see how it all goes.

And finally, I've just got to say that I cannot believe that we're almost done with this pregnancy and on to the next phase: Parenthood. Seriously, we've been wanting this for years (yeah, years), and it's finally about to happen. It doesn't seem like this can possibly be reality. Taking a look back, I sure had a rotten 10 weeks at the beginning, but the rest of this pregnancy has made up for it. I feel so good, even today. Sure, I have my bouts of discomfort, but they don't last long, and then things settle down. And what a miracle that I've had such good health the whole way through! I realize that we aren't in the clear yet as far as possible heart failure goes (we don't hit that point until 6 weeks postpartum), but I've made it to full term, nay, past full term without any major complications. We are so blessed. And we've had so much love and support from all our friends and family. I just feel so fortunate. I know we've been watched over, and I am so grateful for it all.

Stay tuned - hopefully we can post some news tomorrow! (or Thursday, depending on how dang stubborn this kid is)

Oh, and Bah Humbug Tax Day to you! (Because you can't say "Happy Tax Day," that's ridiculous. Especially when you have to pay the government.)


Cheryl said...

you're hilarious. we should be friends outside blog-world! if you get bored at the hospital and want some real food or anything call me: 669-5949. tomorrow is my b-day too! (if you hadn't guessed...) so call me anytime while you're in there and i'll be happy to oblige.

Jade and Randi said...

Good Luck!! I hope all is well for you and the baby! Let us all know what happens!

PrincessKatie said...

Good luck with everyti9g. I am hoping you hav ethe baby by now. I cna't wait to see pictures an find out her name

PrincessKatie said...

Shannon. I am so excited you hve a super cute baby Julia now! Congrats!