Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Pictures

I thought that Julia looks more like Clark. But then I looked at one of my baby pictures. Now I'm thinking she looks a lot like me. Now, it's hard to find a good picture of Julia (I swear, she looks different in every single picture, and none of them look like her when she's awake), but I think I got a pretty good one. What do you think? Does she look like baby Shannon?


Melissa said...

From the very first picture that Clark put up, I thought she looked like you. Hair color aside, there's just something Shanny about that baby!

Cheryl said...

a little bit like you.

aren't baby nails awful to cut? i found that filing them seemed to work better when zachary was that little. that way we didn't have to worry about baby mittens.

on the other hand, maybe she has cold little hands!

Justin, Nadine, and Brener said...

i definitely see shannon in her. but i think that she has a good mix of the both of you. you can tell she belongs to the both of you. she's a cutie. justin said he bumped into you guys on a sunday walk yesterday and said she is such a beautiful baby.

Karen said...

I think there's quite a striking similiarity! I still think she's got some Clark expressions or something though. :)

W.L.Platt said...

Julia definitely looks like you, Shannon! And I remember what you looked like. I see Clark in her too - she is a beautiful combination.
I also like the reference to the lovely Beatles ballad from the White album, reflecting Julia's name.
Our news in West Jordan is that Alexander Patrick Tvedtnes arrived this morning just after 10:30. Mom and baby - and even dad! - doing great. Congratulations again. Hope we get to see your little darling soon.

Em said...

ding ding ding. At least in those two pictures, you guys look a ton alike!