Monday, August 29, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo

Back in June, we went to the zoo! (Wow, June? I'm terrible at this blogging thing.) We have been to multiple zoos since then, but I don't think I actually took pictures at any of those zoos. (Wow, really? No pictures? I'm terrible at this "recording for posterity" thing.)

ANYWAY. The point is, we went to the zoo in Saginaw. Suzanne was thoughtful enough to get us a membership for Christmas, and we have loved using it!

This is a small zoo. A very small zoo. But it turns out it is the perfect size for my two little girls. We can see everything in the zoo before they start to get tired and bored. And, they have a carousel! And a train! And if you are a member, you get to ride both of those for free! Julia picked the bunny.

The horse just to the side that you can barely see? That would be a CSA horse. Meaning a Confederate States of America horse. Yes I am serious. It had the stars and bars on the side and everything. I was about to take a picture, when someone actually sat on the horse, and I thought picture taking would have been awkward.

We also saw some animals. Like these tortoises. Julia's favorite are the otters. She will go on and on about the otters. Just ask her, I dare you.

Hooray for the zoo!

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