Monday, August 29, 2011


As it turns out, July is blueberry picking season in these parts. Since we all love blueberries, we had to take advantage of this opportunity, and went twice. Our first venture (the one we actually got pictures of) was right at the beginning of the season. There weren't as many ripe berries yet, though there were plenty for our needs. Julia and Ella were done picking after about 45 minutes. We got about a pound and a half. The second time we went there were a lot more berries, and we did our best to get as many as we could in our 45 minute window. 4 pounds. Not bad, when you consider we had to keep a close eye on the girls so they wouldn't go wandering off, and Julia kept spilling her bucket. But I do wish it was more! I love them, so!

I think my favorite part is you get to eat as many as you want while you are picking. Ella got her money's worth, let me tell you. Of course, some of them might not have been ripe, and some were from the ground, but she still got plenty of good ones.

And while we're talking about it, eating a blueberry straight from the bush when it's been warmed in the sun? It's like a little blueberry pie in your mouth. Heaven.

I have a strong feeling this is going to become an annual tradition.

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