Friday, August 26, 2011

From Chaos. . . More Chaos.

My house is a disaster. Not just today. Not just this week. Always. I live in a disaster zone. Toys cover the floors in every room. Little pieces are scattered throughout the house. Papers and books and other junk are on every counter. The counters are, in fact, overflowing, because that is the one place Ella can't reach. EVERYTHING has to go up there.

Apparently I wasn't meant to have more than 2 kids. Because I can't seem to get ahead with the two of them around.

I think it might be easier just to move. Leave all our stuff behind and buy new stuff, but less of it. Is that an option?


Cheryl said...

I've come to realize that life with small children is chaos, EMBRACE IT!

Ha ha ha, hu.

You are not alone in this! I totally get you. Zachary is still all about getting into things, but now he climbs to find whatever it was he thought he saw.

I just figure this time will pass, and then I'll probably forget about the mess and maybe even MISS it! Maybe.

Sabrina said...

I say it has less to do w/ the quantity of children and more to do w/ their age. I have had the same problem since Adie was mobile. The only times I get ahead or at least caught up somewhat are when Brett's around to help-one person to clean, one to keep the kids from making a mess faster than the other can clean.

Celeste said...

I knew we were kindred spirits! I'm so happy that you are living proof that you can still be a good, no GREAT mother and not have to have your house clean all the time! You give me hope!

AND I'm proud to say I Did it! I think I just successfully caught up on your blog! I feel like the whole blogging world has been set aside the last, oh, YEAR! But I can't let one of my only forms of staying in touch with you fall dormant for that long! It's tragic. So I did it! I must say You guys are awesome! I really enjoy reading what you write, you're kids are so smart and cute. You have such a delightful way of saying things and although I probably won't get a comment on every post (sorry) it's been delightful to see what you're up to!