Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, another birthday come and gone. But don't worry, I'm still milking it for all it's worth from Clark. ("Oh, honey, can you do [whatever it is I don't want to do]? It's my birthday!") We had some people over for cupcakes, ice cream, and olympics. Didn't Clark do a good job frosting the "rings?"
As I'm looking at this picture, I'm thinking I need a haircut or something. I feel like I've got the New Mom Frump going on.

Anyway, it was a delightful little party. And I got some great gifts - gift cards galore, a new movie, kitchen utensils, fudge, pie (I love pie!). Oh, and a house. Yeah, we made an offer, and it was accepted on Thursday. We don't close until the middle of September, but barring any unforeseen circumstances, we're going to be homeowners. What in the. . . !!!

And because you were all wondering how it turned out, here is the once-poopy-onsie:

Poopy no more. The magic of OxyClean.


Melissa said...

How is this the first I'm hearing about you guys buying a house? Where are all the detail and pictures, or at least a link to the realtor's site?

Also, and I guess I probably should have put my request in earlier, where are the pictures of your special toe shoe. Please share!

tysqui said...

A house is a good birthday present. You guys have got to be excited.

Melissa said...

Oh, and I also meant to say, how exciting! Congrats on taking such a big exciting step in life. Hope everything goes smoothly!

Alex said...

Wow, you weren't kidding about "soon" were you?!?! Thats awesome, I'm so excited for you guys!!! Get that guest room ready, The Youngs are coming to visit!!! :p