Friday, August 15, 2008


So, I've discovered these awesome books. Most likely, you all know about them already and I'm just behind the times. But they really are good books. We got a couple for Julia, and they are so fun. My favorite is There's a Mouse About the House - you guide the mouse through slots on each page as he goes around the house! SO FUN! Anyway, I like em. And so I'm hosting a book show, both in real life and online. Here is your official invite:

You are invited to an Usborne Books eShow to explore the world of Usborne Books. A child's interest in reading and learning is stimulated by the lavish illustrations and informative content. There are over 1300 bright, colorful and fun titles covering activities, puzzles and a wide range of subjects for children of all ages.

Usborne Books - the books kids love to read!

Hosted by: Shannon Blockburger
When: Today thru 8/27/2008 11:59:00 PM

Everyone is welcome, so invite a friend.

It's a rewarding experience when a child opens a book and discovers the magic of reading.


Brynn said...

Hey, I hosted a party a long time ago and I LOVE my books. Are you having a party at your house? I do better in person compared to online. If you are, I will totally be there...

Shanny said...

Brynn - Yes, I am having a party at my house as well. It's next Saturday, Aug 23, at 2pm. If you don't know where I live, send me your email address in a comment and I'll tell ya. Don't worry, I won't publish it :)

PrincessKatie said...

you hav eto get Julia the Thats not myt dolly book. ITs one of our favs here. I will have ot take a look to see if we need any more books!

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