Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is the day: My Birthday. Woo! I'm old! 8 is my favorite number, seeing as 8/8 is my birthday, so you can imagine my delight this year, 8/8/08. And the Olympics start tonight! We'll be watching.

So I've decided that I want something from you, my readers, for my birthday. All 8 of you. Moosh in indy did this for her birthday, and I thought it was a fantastic idea, so I'm thieving it. I want comments. Tell me about the best thing that happened to you in the last week. Or month. Or something coming up. Tell me something good. Delurk, if needs be! I just want to see good, happy comments.

So click that comment link and have at it.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Shanny! You are not so very old.

The best thing I did this week? LOTS of sleep!

The best thing I did this past month? Easy. Our super fun family vacation where we hung out with awesome family members and their darling babies! Caving, training, swimming, hiking, carding, Targeting, lounging, eating, driving. Yea!

Hope you have a great day today!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to my friend shannon!

best thing i did this week... spend time with shannon and julia

best thing i did this past month... kill myself by going on all the rides with my girls (and josh) at disneyland!!!

thanks for being such a good friend!

alisquire said...

Happy 27th! What a cool day to have your b-day on!

So, I actually got to sleep this morning instead of trying to get Kate to go back to sleep. And tomorrow I get a break from the kids for a GNO with my in-laws.

PrincessKatie said...

Happy birthday to you. I love that your birthday is on 8.8 that is awesome. Especially this year. I hope that you have a fabulous birthday and that baby Julia is so good for you today. The best thing I did the past month would for sure be buying a home!

Alex said...

Happy Happy birthday! :)

Best thing this week? Thats easy, Breaking Dawn!!! ;) And if that doesn't count, well then I went to the podiatrist today and have a date set for my surgery to get rid of my warty friend! :)

Amanda said...

I actually remembered today was the day, probably because you told me not a week ago.

Best thing I did all week? Passed my IST pull-ups requirement. Best thing I did within the past few months? Joined the USMC! Semper Fidelis!

Have an excellent birthday!

Shanny said...


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fotome said...

Happy Birthday. What time of day were you born? If it was 8:08 that would be cool indeed.

I guess the best thing I did this week was get my sister a laptop computer. I went to her house and actually installed the wireless router and got everything set up. Not bad for a technotard like me. She has many health problems and can't get around very well.

One of the best things I did this month was get brave and do some new techniques with machine embroidery on the machine I have had for about 3 years and occasionally use.
Jo Ann

moosh in indy. said...

Happy birthday! I was interviewed for a local magazine on Wednesday. Awesome.

Karen said...

Hey, I hope you had a rockin' b day! You deserve it!

Nadine said...

happy birthday shannon!

Dex finally started sleeping through the night. 9 and a half hours straight. woohoo. and of coarse breaking dawn was awesome. good week.

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!

The best news of the week/month is that Diana got married!

JHD said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!

I am sorry I did not recognize your birthday on the actual day.

I accept your challenge. Last week I got a fortune cookie that predicted: "A four-wheel adventure will bring you happiness." Here is what happened: We didn't know we were going to do this until about noon on Wednesday.
On Thursday Aug. 7 Ron and I made a wild and crazy trip to Las Vegas to deliver 400 lbs. of fresh chevre (goat cheese) for a Chef's Convention at the Mandalay. We left at 2:30 AM, delivered the cheese and some samples of our other cheese and visited a little with the owner of Michael's Gourmet Pantry, the food distributor. We hope to get more orders and hope to be able to make the cheese soon enough that we don't have to deliver it ourselves. We got a nice check for the cheese and that made us happy.

We left immediately to return in time for Ron's niece's wedding at 5:30 PM at Log Haven. We got home at 4:15 PM and left for the wedding about 4:30 PM. I am sorry we didn't stop to see you, but there was no time! I heard you are buying a home. That is great!

W.L.Platt said...

Congratulations on your birthday and the new house! Sorry I didn't write on the actual day, that lucky 8-8-08! Best thing last week was having Sherman's 3-year-old Gavin spend the weekend. Also the reason I didn't get on the computer much! Happy Birthday, late! And keep celebrating the Birthday Month.

lesti said...

Sorry I was behind the times and this is a little late. But the highlight of the week was coming to your house and celebrating with you. It was good to feel like we still have friends. Thanks

Lisa said...

Stewart set up his laptop to enable me to send you a late happy birthday comment.

The best thing I did the past few weeks was pick up Stewart and Michelle and visit a jillion Church history sites in one great big car trip. All that plus Carhenge.

The best thing I'll do in the next few weeks is see you when you come up for the Labor Day Weekend. Congrats on your new house. Can't wait to see it!