Friday, June 20, 2008

Video of the Week

I've discovered that I really suck at taking video. I'm all bouncy, and I sound like a complete idiot. Oh well. It's hard to get her to look at me and smile when I've got the camera right there, she gets very distracted. But she's still cute!

As far as "What Julia Does," she has been trying so hard to get her whole fist into her mouth this past week. We've been having "conversations" lately - she coos, I coo back, etc. And she loves it when I read to her, especially rhyming books. Oh, and the night before last, she slept from 10-7 - woo hoo! Last night was more like 9-5, which is still great, I'll take it! We really lucked out with this baby - she sleeps well, she eats well, and she's always so happy!


PrincessKatie said...

I can not believe how big she is getting already. I Love her smile at the end. She is so cute!@

Alex said...

I loved the cute little sneezes!!! And what a smile, totally melts my heart, what a cutie!!! :)

fotome said...

So how come this video didn't have background music? She is adorable.