Friday, June 13, 2008

Julia 6/12/08

Here is another video for your enjoyment. You can hear Clark learned to play a new song on the guitar in the background. . . see if you can guess what it is! We've all been a little under the weather here the past week or so. I was hoping that Julia wouldn't catch it, but no such luck. I took her in to the doctor on Tuesday, and all is well. Just a little cold. But she is still a happy baby, even with a stuffed up nose! She has her 2 month appointment next week. I'm a little nervous about all the shots, but it's a necessary thing, so we'll tough it out.


~*Kim*~ said...

Can I just tell you how much I love these weekly videos? I don't believe I'm actually admitting this, but I go onto your blog like every other day to watch the new videos and rewatch the old ones. She's just so dang cute!!!! :-)

Lisa said...

I want to hop on an eagle and fly straight to St. George! I can hardly wait til you bring her up July 3rd. She is so adorable I can hardly stand it!
Love, Grammie

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shannon! This is one of Kim's friends, Lizzie. I found your blog through Kim's. I just have to say that Julia is a fantastic beautiful little baby! She looks so brilliant and aware of what is going on around her. She really is so pretty!

fotome said...

I just love this video. I wanted to reach through the computer and pick her up.
Aunt Jo Ann