Thursday, March 22, 2012

Did you know that Clark doesn't dance? All these years of being married to a dancer (or at least a former one), and it's still like pulling teeth to get him to dance with me. I remember once when we went to a dance together and. . . well, I think he'd rather I didn't remember. So we won't go into it. Just know that he doesn't dance.

But when it comes to his daughters? He's all over the dancing. Or at least making them dance. In hilarious fashions. And the other night, he was doing it again, and I had to share it.

I love how Ella looks like she's at a rodeo or something.

And let's not forget that Julia is a little dancer in her own right. I was out and about one night, and I came home after the girls were in bed. Clark had taken this video, and it warmed my little heart.

It makes me think of all the time spent dancing in the living room with my sisters. And I love that Ella needed a dress, too, so she got a big shirt.

Also, Julia has a particularly nice "squat move" that she pulls out a lot. I'm not sure where she got that one, but it cracks me up.


Christy said...

Ohhh - that is so darling, it warms my heart, too. I love how Ella carefully watches Julia and imitates her, so sweet - and very reminiscent of what goes on around our house.

I still find it terribly tragic that our girls can't play together. If one thing confirms that they'd be best friends, these videos do. We spend oodles of time dancing around in the living room as well.

...I love the word 'oodles.' :)

Lauren said...

I don't blame Clark for not necessarily wanting to dance around you... since you're the expert and all. Not everyone can dance to Backstreet Boys like Shanny!
What music did you and your sisters dance to in the living room?

Shanny said...

Larrie (do I need to call you Lauren now? Does my calling you Larrie bother you?): It was mostly classical music that we danced to. Have you met my parents? This made ballet the obvious option ;) We especially loved In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Celeste said...

Love the Ella ride! That's just awesomeness!