Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leprechaun Lair

Way back at Christmastime, I decided we should do a gingerbread house. And I decided that the best way to do that would be to purchase a gingerbread house kit. And I decided the best time to do that would be after Christmas. So, frugal mother I am, I went out the day after Christmas and bought a kit at 50% off. I thought it would be the perfect activity for the week between Christmas and New Years.

And then that week went by, with no gingerbread house constructed. I had even thought it could be fun to do on New Years Day, but it didn't happen that day either.

So then I had this brilliant idea to make it a Love Shack instead and do it for Valentines Day. It's got red candy in it. And red frosting. Really, it lends itself well to this holiday. The idea was genius!

And then Valentines Day passed us by. And I forgot to make the gingerbread house.

But luckily (see what I did there?), St Patrick's Day was the next holiday, and it uses the other color found in Christmas creations: green. And so the idea of a Leprechaun Lair was born.

After all that, I FINALLY remembered to put the thing together, and I am rather proud of the outcome. Not because it's particularly beautiful or well done, but because a) we finally did it, and b) I think it's creative, whatever its faults may be.

So, here you have it, our Leprechaun Lair:

Let's take a closer look, shall we? Notice the "Leprechaun" snowman? (We were trying to give him a belt [and by "we" I mean "I," I take full responsibility], but there was only white, green, and red frosting, so it looks a little. . . strange.) And see the pot of gold? I thought that was a particularly nice touch.

And most importantly? We had fun. Julia was delighted with the craftiness of it all, Ella loved eating all the hard candy, Clark didn't have a heart attack trying to stop Ella from choking on the hard candy, and I was just glad to have followed through on something for once.

(P.S. Doesn't Ella look adorable in this last picture? The dishcloth for an apron, the sweet curls of hair, and oh, that face. I love her.)


Judy S said...

You should make this a family tradition!

Gretchen said...

Shannon! You are TOO CUTE!!!! I love it. And you write just the way you talk, which is delightful. :o) When're you bring those cute girls to Schmidt Farm for a tour? The chicks have been primping so they look their best for the visit. lol.

Cheryl said...

I love when other people are *real* with their intentions that don't happen. I'm so there. :D

Love the Lair. And your girls are getting so big. And adorable. And we miss you guys!

Kay Hinton said...

Well Done! This is way better than at Christmas when there's so much going on already. Ella looks like Julia did when we first met her! Cute, cute!

asm said...

true what a perfect shot of Ella. I love Julia's smile. Aryn's been doing the same type of smile. kids are just silly.

As for the leprechaun lair. fabulous!!what a perfect idea!

Celeste said...

It reminds me of a time when carving pumpkins turned into a Thanksgiving event! You know maybe that makes it all the more fun to remember! Maybe we should take other traditional holiday things and re-do them for different times in the year! BTW I love the belt! And the gold! And of course the cute little girls you have helping you! They are getting so big! Good job Blockburgers way to keep making fun memories!