Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Monday was March 19. We were out riding bikes. In Michigan. Unreal.

Since it's suddenly summer (for a week only, but still, highs in the 80s), I decided it was time to buy Ella a trike. So I found the cheapest one at Meijer and took it home. I put it together during naptime on Monday (also known as "Play in the Crib But Don't Sleep Time"), and we took it out for a spin that very afternoon.

She's still a bit small for it. Maybe by real summer she'll be able to pedal it. But even though her feet don't reach the pedals, she still loves this thing. I think she was shocked when she saw it. Like she was thinking, "For me? A bike? Of my very own? Not Julia's?"

When it was time to come in, all I got was a calm but firm, "No." Winner!

And it came in a big box. Aren't big boxes the best toys?


Sabrina said...

And while you are enjoying highs in the 80's, we are experiencing highs in the 50's this week. Crazy this weather thing. I am glad Ella is enjoying her new trike. Chase can reach the pedals on his but he has no desire to use them so he still scoots around on his.

Celeste said...

Love the big box toy. They are the best! That's so fun that she loves her trike. They make for some some wonderful adventures and good exercise!