Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dancing Queen Part 4: The Muppet

Remember The Dancing Queen? Well, she's at it again. (Uh, this is kind of a long video. And not terribly exciting for most of it. Though it does have The Beatles in the background, and who doesn't love The Beatles? The best part is "The Muppet," which is at about the 1 minute mark. Feel free to skip to that point.)

Unfortunately, I couldn't record more because I was laughing too hard. In fact, I was crying. Would you like to see?


Nathan said...

You asked who doesn't like The Beatles? Well, I found one for you: Nathan. He won't let me buy Beatles Rock Band! Or rather, he'll let me buy it but won't play it with me. And where's the fun in that?

Shanny said...

You've got to be joking. How can someone not like The Beatles? Lame.