Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekly Quote 7/20/09

"Allons enfants de la Patrie,
Le jour de gloire est arrive!"

We had to have part of the Marseillaise last week in honor of Bastille Day. And I'll have you know, for Bastille Day we had FRENCH toast with FRENCH bread (or should I say, FRONCH). How festive. I wanted to have something more spectacular like Madeleines or eclairs, but I couldn't find any. ANYWAY. New quote up!


Sabrina said...

They, the Builders of the Nation. I admit, though, I had to look it up because I couldn't remember that beginning line. I wanted to call it Blessed Honored Pioneer, but I knew that wasn't the title. Have fun celebrating Pioneer Day. It will be kind of weird for me to not celebrate it. By the way, love the allusion to "fronch". Good stuff :)

alisquire said...

"And to drink, Peru."