Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stupid Ol' Carts

Upon reading all the comments from my previous post, I made a few resolutions regarding summer:
  1. There needs to be more water involved. Pools, splash pads, even the lake. More water. Which in turn leads to more sunscreen, but who cares, small price to pay for a way to cool down.
  2. Get hiking. At cooler elevations, of course.
  3. Eat more tomatoes. We have, dare I say, a plethora of tomatoes from our garden (some of which need to go to the Lowes). They are big and fat and juicy. Which leads me to the follow up question of: How do you eat your tomatoes?
But really, the purpose of this post was vent about something that has nothing to do with summer, and that is this:

Every single time I go to Albertsons, I have to go through about 7 shopping carts before I can find one that has an intact buckle for Julia, the little plastic thing for her to sit on, and no garbage in it. Every. Single. Time. COME ON! It's not the easiest thing in the world for a person to pull out multiple carts from the lineup, while holding a small child, in search of a merely functional cart. And the ones I end up with always, always, ALWAYS suck at turning. Or they squeak.

Drives me nuts.

Ahh, I feel much better now.


Karen said...

Holy crap, I thought that was just my bad luck! It's especially fun when your looking for a good cart and people are standing there just WATCHING you. As if I don't have my hands full or anything with 4 kids...drives me nuts too!

B-Rett said...

I like my tomatoes sliced with mayo and salt on them. Putting them on "cheese toast" (as Sabrina calls them, though I always called them toasted cheese sandwiches) is optional, but quite good.

Cheryl said...

Yum, tomatoes. Maybe we should stop by. You know, for gardening. Or visiting teaching. Or both!

Have you tried a slice of tomato on top of a piece of toast. Wait, there's more. Then add a slice of cheese and BROIL it until the cheese gets melty. Yum.

Or a tomato sandwich with Miracle Whip and salt. Can you say PERFECTION?

I hate the carts at our Albies. But I have to be honest. I haven't had to deal with the whole finding-a-cart-that-is-childproof for a while now. I either go alone or not at all.

Don't you wish you had 2 kids!

Melissa said...

I like my tomatoes sliced with salt and pepper. Also, in a grilled turkey and cheese is quite nice. (Bacon optional) And I put them, finely diced, in our chicken quesodillas last time. Yummy.

Oh! You should try homemade salsa. It would be cheep enough to buy the onion, jalepeno and cilantro.

And I know better than to add green salad to the list . . .

Doug and Becca said...

Your last two posts have really made me laugh. I am so with you on the summer thing. I am trying to figure out how we can just be snowbirds, but I don't think my husbands employer would go for that. And the carts-so true and so funny. Thanks for a great laugh-though not at your misery, just at your explanation!