Friday, July 10, 2009

The Story of the Cheese

There are some good, good people in the world.

This morning I went to Albertsons to pick up some cheese. ($5.49/2lbs + $1 off coupons + double coupons = $7 for 4 lbs of cheese. Awesome.) I was going to get some yesterday, but they were out. I even had a woman who works back there checking in the back for me, but alas, no luck. Actually, that was very lucky, because I had forgotten about the double coupons, so I figured I'd come in today and bring those bad boys.

When I got to the deli case, there was no cheese. Still. But there was a freaking huge pallet of stuff to be stocked. And the same woman was back there, she recognized me, and she told me to see if it was on the pallet and she'd get it out for me. I found the box and, of course, it was at the very bottom. So she went and got a very nice man to dig it out, I got my 2 blocks of cheese, and I headed to the front. Right there, that's 2 people who were so kind as to help me out when they really didn't have to.

About the time I got everything unloaded and ready, I realized that, being an idiot, I had left my wallet in my other purse. DOH! I had a checkbook with me, for some strange reason, but no ID. I tell the checker my plight. She tells me that we can try to run the check, and if it doesn't work, she'll suspend the transaction until I can come back with ID.

Lo and behold, the check requires ID.

So we suspend the transaction, and we're working it all out, when the lady behind me in line says, "Excuse me? Just put it on mine."

The checker explained that it wasn't that I didn't have money, it's just that I needed to run home and get it, and I was saying, "Oh, that's nice, but it's ok, thank you."

And she says, "You have a baby. It's been a while, but I know how hard it is to get a baby in and out of a car. I won't even notice it. Don't worry about it."

I can't thank that woman enough. It's not even just the fact that I got free cheese, and that I didn't have to go through the whole process of going home and coming back. She made me remember that even with our economy going to pot and terrible things happening left and right, there are still people out there who want to help make someone's day a little better.

When the situation arises, I fully intend to pay that forward. Because you can't put a price on how great that made me feel.


Cheryl said...

I can imagine! I'm just waiting for that to happen to me. No, not the person offering to buy it for me, but the 'I-have-2-kids-with-me-and-I'm-out-shopping-but-my-toddler-emptied-all-my-cards-out-of-my-wallet' thing. How nice of that lady!

Alex said...

Awwww, that was really cool! That kind of stuff only happens in UT though... You'd never see that here! Glad you didn't have to make another trip and you got your cheese!!! :)

Amber said...

What a nice lady! I hope that I can be that kind someday. And I am LOVING that it was for cheese!

Celeste said...

That's awesome. I love how you share your inspiration experiences. I love reading them and it always makes me want to be kinder to people. I just get so caught up in worrying about my own little world that sometimes I forget to relax and look around for someone who could use some help. Great reminder. Thanks.

(and I'm glad that it got to happen to you! How fun)

Em said...

That's a story that makes me feel all warm inside. Thanks for sharing!