Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekly Quote 12/22/08

"I hope he won't forget to clack his castinet,
And to his reindeer say,
'On Pancho! On Vixen! On Pedro! On Blitzen'
Ole! Ole! Ole! Cha cha cha!"

Originally by Augie Rios, perfected by Guster (in my opinion). Donde Esta Santa Claus! New quote up.


Sabrina said...

Well this week is both Luke 2 and Handel's Messiah, whichever one you had in mind.

It sounds like you've had so much fun singing Christmas songs this year in choirs. I miss doing that. It's the second best thing about Christmas after spending time with loved ones.

Shanny said...

You got the quote right on, Bean. I was originally thinking of the Messiah, and then I was thinking of Luke 2, and then I realized that the Messiah leaves part of Luke 2 out, so I made the quote a line that is in both. That was a silly explanation, but still, good work on thinking what I was thinking.