Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Talon Larson

I followed a link from Katie's blog and read this family's story. Their 6 month old adopted son, Talon, was taken away from them this past week. The details of their story are on the blog. I bawled when I read it. I can't imagine having your child taken from you, it's heartbreaking. I don't know anything about adoption law, let alone native american adoption law, but this seems ridiculous. I hope and pray that somehow they can get Talon back. I feel like there isn't much that I can do personally to help them, but I can try to spread the word. If you feel so inclined, you should do the same.


Alex said...

That just makes me sick to my stomach and breaks my heart... I will keep them in my prayers. Goes to show whose interest the Tribe is looking out for... who would take a baby out of a wonderful, stable home and stick them into the foster care system just because they want to preserve their tribe? It's ridiculous... when we adopt, unfortunately we will not be open to Native American babies for this very reason... it makes me so sad. :(

Em said...