Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

Alex wondered why there were no pictures of the snow yesterday. Well, when I posted, there really wasn't anything to take a picture of. Snow was coming from the sky, and melting at the ground. Really, that's a good kind of snow, because it doesn't make things icy or slick, but it's still pretty. And I figured that it would snow for an hour, and then clear up. Julia and I rushed outside (in our pajamas!) so that she could touch snow for the first time. She didn't seem terribly excited about it, but slightly intrigued. Anyway, I figured that would be that, and we'd have our sunshine back by the afternoon.

Much to my delight, it snowed ALL DAY LONG!!! What a fabulous day! I love snow. And winter. Here is the picture I took of our backyard at about 4pm:

And here is our backyard this morning:

It pretty much quit snowing when we went to bed last night, but you can't take pictures in the dark, so we had to wait until morning. Yes, this is the result of a full day of snowing (and there were even some big, fluffy flakes in there, too). Ah, well. We'll be going up north in a couple of weeks, maybe we'll see some real snow drifts then.

In other news, Julia finally polished off a jar of baby food. We opened a jar of "Blueberries & Apples" Friday night, and we've been giving her a few bites at every meal. She is much more cooperative than she has been, but only to a point. Which is why it's taken 3 days for her to finish it. But we're making progress! Also, we gave her some mashed potatoes last night, and she gobbled those right up. Good girl!

And finally, I was searching the library's website for new movies to watch, and I came across this gem: Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine. Wow. Nothing like bikini-clad robots to spice up a movie.


Em said...

oooo, I'll definitely have to check out that movie! And I think Julia should start marketing her diet as a weight loss program.

Shanny said...

There is just one problem with Julia marketing her diet as a weight loss program: have you seen the fat rolls on that kid?!

~*Kim*~ said...

I love the image of you and Julia rushing outside in your pajamas so she could touch snow for the first time. It makes the snow sound so dramatic! That movie looks hysterical! What creative weirdo came up with that one?