Thursday, November 25, 2010


Since it's Thanksgiving today, I thought I'd post about Halloween. We are all kinds of messed up and behind! Awesome!

So. Julia decided to be a monkey, as you know. And a very fine monkey she turned out to be:

Ella decided to be her sidekick, a banana:

(Alright, alright. Really, it was just that Jenn had a banana costume in addition to the monkey costume, so we double borrowed. We're copy cats.)

I was a little concerned about how Halloween would turn out, because a) Halloween was on a Sunday, and b) we would be in Michigan. In Utah, I was 100% positive that everyone would be trick or treating on Saturday night. I also knew about the ward trunk or treat, and various other events around town. In Michigan, I knew nothing.

Luckily, we noticed the announcement for the ward trunk or treat in the program on the Sunday we came out for our house-hunting trip. Phew! Redemption! And then, it just so happened that the night we were visiting the Calls in Kansas City was the night of their ward trunk or treat. So we got a double whammy! Which hopefully made up for the fact that we didn't carve pumpkins at all (Julia did color a couple of little ones with marker), and we spent Halloween in a hotel. But hey, candy is candy, and Julia was one happy camper at the end of the night.

A lot of people thought Ella was a pencil. Which I guess I can understand. But come on, why would my kids be a gorilla and a pencil?


Sabrina said...

I love the banana and monkey. Very cute!

Celeste said...

That totally made me laugh! I love it. A gorilla and a PENCIL! oh yes that's just what I needed tonight! haha. Funny people