Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Let's Compare

While living in a hotel, we took Ella swimming for the first time. When Julia was about the same age, we happened to be staying in a hotel and took HER swimming for the first time. I knew I had to take some pictures so we could compare the two. So, what do you think?

I think they look alike, like sisters, but not like twins. In fact, I was surprised at how different they look in the photographic evidence, I thought it would be hard to tell the difference. I also think this confirms my suspicions that Julia was chubbier than Ella is.


In any case, they are both cute girls.

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Celeste said...

wow! they look so much alike! That's awesome that their first swimming experience is so similar! I love it.

K. So I know I've been a terrible friend because, here you move clear across the country, know no one, probably feel rather isolated, and I would guess that posting on your blog you would hope to see that people didn't just forget about you and that they still cared about what you were doing etc. etc. Well I promise I care! I have actually read some of what you've posted, and I'm determined to get through all of it!

I miss you. I hope that you're finding wonderful people and making good friends. But even if I don't always seem to be thinking of you I hope you know that I am. (Every time I water that flower I think "time to call Shannon!" I'm sure it will be more than just a thought one of these days! :)