Monday, November 29, 2010

For the Grandmas: 11/26/10

A bit late, but I blame the holiday weekend. Too much turkey makes a girl lazy.

Julia had a great time with Thanksgiving, and ate a bit of almost everything. And now, she goes around saying, "Thanksgiving is over, and the next holiday is Christmas!" We put our tree up on Friday, and she's been in heaven ever since.

This week, Ella has discovered her hands. They are fascinating. She will stare at them for a good solid 5 minutes at a time. She also discovered toys. You bring a toy to her, and she pants with excitement! It's great. She can keep herself entertained for like 1/2 hour with one toy.

Ella has also started rolling over on purpose. It doesn't happen all the time, but more often than not tummy time ends with her rolling over on her own.

And last night, she took a binky for like the second time ever.

Ella was so cute in her dress yesterday, I had to take a picture.

Look at that tongue! When we got to church and took her out of the carseat, she about had a conniption when she saw all the dots on her dress. Dots! To look at! All over!


Lisa said...

Thanks for posting these. Skype is good and I'm really grateful for it, but the picture quality leaves something to be desired. And here are your little girls in living color!

Cheryl said...

I love the dress. She is a DOLL.

And, Clark. The beret is awesome.

And, we miss you guys.

Celeste said...

SOO cute! Love that dress! Love it!