Friday, November 19, 2010

For the Grandmas: 11/19/10

With our big move across the country and thereby lack of seeing family on a semi-regular basis, and because we have a fairly new baby who changes dramatically very quickly, I've decided to start (or should I say restart?) a weekly video feature on the Blogburger. Since it's really for the grandmas (and grandpas), I'm calling it For the Grandmas. So here are the girls, hanging out on a fairly boring Friday morning.



Obviously, we've found the camera cord. I'll try to start putting up more pictures from the past month. But I'm not promising anything! And anyone waiting for a "new place" post w/pictures of the apartment might be waiting for a looong time, because we are still living in chaos. Fewer boxes, sure, but that just means we have piles of stuff scattered about.

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Natalie said...

Micah wanted to talk to Julia while the video was going. At one point he shouted at the screen "I love you!". Oh dear what I am I going to do with this boy. Girls are an obsession with him. Fun video!