Friday, September 24, 2010

Halloween Preview

Have I mentioned that Julia is obsessed with Halloween? Randomly she'll ask me:

"Do you know what I'm thinking about?"
"No, what?"

Seriously. She is so excited for this holiday. Always telling me that it's almost here! And we get to wear costumes! And go trick or treating! And eat candy! We are forever checking out Halloween books from the library, and I've heard numerous costume suggestions. But in the last couple of weeks, she wants to be a monkey. All she wants is to be a monkey. Good thing my friend Jenn had a gorilla suit for us to borrow or else we might have been in trouble. She brought it over a week ago, and it was like Christmas morning, I swear. "A monkey costume! For me! From my friend Taiz! (She's my best friend, Mom.) ( Taiz took Mr Potato Head and I hit her. With a basket. I cried.) Can I wear it?!" I seriously love my conversations with this girl.

So here is your Halloween preview:

I particularly like the part at the end where she gets all sassy and wants to see the video. Yes, your majesty. Apparently she should be a princess for Halloween instead of a monkey.

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Kim said...

I love this! I still laugh about that time I called and the first words out of her mouth were "it's almost Halloween!" Those were probably the last words I expected to hear, but I guess with all the "Morris and Boris go Trick-or-Treating" business it shouldn't have come as a shock.