Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big News!


If you read Clark's blog, or are my friend on Facebook, or have talked to me in the last week or so, you know the big news. But if you don't. . .


Yes, it's going to be cold.
Yes, it's far away.
Yes, we are sad to leave our friends in St George.

But guess what? We are excited! Everyone I've talked to in the last week has been so sad for us to leave that I've been kind of bummed out about the whole thing. And then I remembered: we chose to make this move, and we chose to do it for a number of reasons. It's going to be a great adventure for our family. It's going to be a fantastic career move for Clark. And we both feel it's where we are supposed to be. And it's not 100° in Michigan! Not now, not EVER! So that is a big bonus.

Here's how I look at it:
  • It's going to be cold. Like really, really cold. But there will be snow! And we'll get to actually use all our blankets! And drink hot cocoa! And wear sweaters, scarves, mittens, jackets, and coats! I have a feeling Julia is going to like playing in the snow.
  • It's really far away from our families. But we aren't exactly close to them as it is. Sure, there will be no more weekend jaunts to Salt Lake, and that is sad, but we'll still get to visit once or twice a year. Thank goodness for Skype.
  • No mountains. But there are some big old lakes that I hear are spectacular.
  • No more hiking in national parks. But they do have an awful lot of forest areas. And Canada is only 2 hours away, so I'm thinking I'll definitely get to use my passport before I'm 30.
Basically, there are good and bad to every place you might live. The trick is to focus on the good, and not think too hard about the bad. I'm really quite excited to get out there and experience something new!

This is why I now know where Saginaw is. We're moving to that area. The Saginaw/Bay City/Midland area. I guess some people call it the tri-cities? And they've got The Tridge, so we're all set.


The Martinsen Family said...

We're really excited for you guys> I can see Julia playing in the snow everyday:)

Judy said...

Michigan is lucky to have you. I know that you've felt right about the move, so it will be the best thing for your family. I don't like having my family far away, but when they visit, they usually stay for a while - so that's a bonus. Best wishes.

Alex said...

Hooray for snow and hot cocoa!!! I definitely miss all that here in hot-as-hades Oklahoma! (Well, except for that freak snowstorm we had last Christmas) I'm glad you are excited and happy that this will be a good move for Clark, career-wise!

Natalie said...

Yea for adventures! Livin the dream baby. Snowy,cold, wet, humid places aren't all bad.... maybe. I am very excited for you guys!

Stewart said...

It probably won't be as cold as you think. After St. George, it'll be a shock, but it does get pretty cold in SLC at time, so you're prepared. All the members from UT here in our ward in Binghamton kept telling us to watch out for the ridiculous winters, but it wasn't all that bad. People just like to exaggerate to make the places they live seem more interesting.

alisquire said...

I can't believe it! How exciting for you guys. I saw what you put on fb, but I thought you were just sick of the heat and picking a random place you wanted to go! Congrats and good luck. What will Clark be doing?

P.S. Ada's favorite name lately is Julia. She always pretends like she's a princess and that's her name.