Saturday, October 02, 2010

Marathon parenting

I just told Julia that dad was running in a race this morning, the longest race he's ever run before (Go Clark!).

Julia, lip quivering: "Can I go run in a race, too?"

Me: "Yes. Well, we are going to go watch him."

Julia, lip continuing to quiver: "Can I go running, too?"

Me: "What did I just say, we're going to watch him."

Julia: Meltdown.

Me, frustrated by the copious amount of meltdowns the last few days: "Yes, you can go running! Go put on your shoes."

Julia, head down, walks slowly out of the room: "I'm really disappointed."

Does anyone know how to deal with SUPERBLY sensitive children? I think she senses this move is going to be a big change, and has about 6 meltdowns before breakfast. Every single thing turns Julia into a puddle on the floor, from requesting she go potty, to telling her we are going to the park, something she likes to do. I am going CRAZY! Help?


Cheryl said...

My sister's son is pretty sensitive as well. I know they had the book "The Highly Sensitive Child".

Here is a link:

Clark said...

Julia melts down to a puddle when we ask her to go sit on the potty. Then, 5 minutes later, we have a melt down trying to get her OFF the potty. It just makes no sense.

Natalie said...

not one to hand out advice I have no experience with the only thing I can say is hug her a lot. That's what I do with my boys. I think it will be rough for awhile during the transition but it gets better! Utah to Massachusetts was a big one for us and we survived.... eventually :).

The Martinsen Family said...

Maybe she shouldn't have a friend named Taiz that is not sensitive at all. I think she compensates for Taiz, sorry. If you get any good ideas/advice, let me know, I will need it for Pax:)

Jessica said...

Have her hang out with me! I miss her!

Alex said...

No advice... just (((hugs)))! Good luck!

Karen said...

I could probably go on and on for a while as my second is probably my most sensitive and also most infuriating child! Did I type that?? I know that when we give her one on one time she tends to do alot better, but age 2-4 is also a peak for tantrums/meltdowns especially if they are feeding off mom and dad's stress! I found that patience, consistency and just allowing her a nice peaceful place to have her meltdowns went a long way to helping all our sanity. I wish I could give you better/more specific advice, but just remember this stage won't last, enjoy it before the preteen stomping and attitude starts! :)

alisquire said...

I don't have experience with super sensitive kids, though my kids do have issues of their own. Though it's hard, the only advice I can think of is to not give in to her requests after you've already said no. I still struggle with this, but you don't want them to think that by throwing a fit, they can get whatever they want. Good luck with this! And with the move! And tell Clark congrats on the race!